Strong and Safe

Strong: made of galvanized steel which guarantees a long service life even in the most extreme weather conditions

Safe: Our chicken coop door is the only one with motorized direct coupling closure and safety stops. The sliding doors hang on a thread and close by their own weight. If you find dirt or any obstacle in your descent you may get stuck and not close completely. Even closed they are easy to lift, allowing predators to enter. None of this will happen to you with an Agrimatic door: a powerful self-locking motor coupled directly to the door guarantees its opening and closing. Built-in safety stops prevent predators from entering no matter how much they push the door.


Simple: No screens or keyboards. It does not require programming schedules or adjusting them according to the time of the year. The opening and closing time of the door is determined only according to sunlight, just as your chickens do.

Customer Service Line

Customer Service Line: You can contact us for technical assistance or commercial advice at +34 91 434 08 64 and +34 625 621 851 or at

Additional Features

Configurable opening delay: Do your chickens lay the eggs where they want and not where you are interested? Our door can help you. Delaying the exit of the hens abroad is more difficult for them to lay eggs outside the chicken coop. You can choose between immediate opening at dawn or opening delays that range from one hour and a half to four and a half hours.

Configurable opening and closing luminous threshold: allows you to adjust the opening and closing luminous threshold of the door to your particular location, although normally the default configuration is suitable for all cases. There are three levels of sensitivity: high, medium and low.

Great autonomy: battery life exceeding 6 months. It uses three AA alkaline batteries. The careful design of your electronics allows you unprecedented autonomy.

Possibility of manual opening and closing: do you want your chickens one day not to go outside? Simple. Close the door manually. The next day the automatic operation will restart.

Opening models in 180 and 90 degrees, so you can choose the one that best suits your chicken coop.

With remote light sensor installation option for under-roof or dimly lit locations

Easy installation: fixing to wall, floor or metal fence. Your chicken coop door installed and ready to operate in a few minutes.

Designed and manufactured in the European Union

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